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Native silverswords threatened by shifting climate patterns


A new study published in Climate Change Responses by University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa researchers shows how shifting atmospheric circulation patterns that may be caused by climate change are threatening populations of the iconic silversword on Haleakalā. The native plant is found nowhere else in the world. Paul Krushelnycky of the UH Mānoa Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences and ...

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UH Mānoa Professor John Madey receives Willis E. Lamb Award

The free-electron laser FELIX at the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen (nl), Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. Credit: "China Crisis" CC.

John Madey, a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, has received the prestigious 2016 Willis E. Lamb Award for Laser Science and Quantum Optics. Madey is best known for his invention and implementation of the free electron laser (FEL). A FEL device can produce very high intensity and high quality coherent electromagnetic radiation that ...

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UH expands global network capacity with RTI partnership

The SEA-US cable system. Image credit: PriMetrica, Inc.

RAM Telecom International, Inc. (RTI) and the University of Hawaiʻi System has signed a multi-year, multimillion dollar IRU agreement to supply transpacific fiber system capacity to the university. RTI will provide the capacity on the Southeast Asia-United States cable system (SEA-US). Upon its completion targeted for end of 2016, SEA-US will link five areas and territories including Oʻahu (Hawaiʻi), downtown ...

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Engineering professor recognized with $500,000 national Early Career Award

Jingjing Li

Jingjing Li, a University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa mechanical engineering assistant professor, has received the National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Award. One of NSF’s most prestigious awards for junior faculty, it is bestowed on teacher-scholars performing outstanding research and classroom education at the university level. Li was awarded $500,000 for her project, Surface Interactions in Dissimilar Material Joining. Processes ...

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Beneficial bacteria in Hawaiian squid attracted to fatty acids

Hawaiian bobtail squid Credit: The Squid and Vibrio Labs.

The small but charismatic Hawaiian bobtail squid is known for its predator-fooling light organ. To survive, the nocturnal cephalopod depends on a mutually beneficial relationship with the luminescent bacterium, Vibrio fischeri, which gives it the ability to mimic moonlight on the surface of the ocean, and deceive monk seals and other predators that would happily make a meal of the ...

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Student builds enormous iPad-like table device

From left, Computer Science Professor Jason Leigh and CreaTable designer Noel Kawano

The “CreaTable” is a one of a kind interactive table top display designed and built by Noel Kawano, an electrical engineering student at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. The CreaTable resides in the Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications or LAVA belonging to Computer Science Professor Jason Leigh. Leigh and two co-investigators just got a grant from the National ...

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Data visualization expert to build the top system in the nation at the University of Hawaiʻi


The NSF provided $600,000 and the University of Hawaiʻi added $257,000 for a total of $857,000 to develop a large CyberCANOE, which stands for Cyber-enabled Collaboration Analysis Navigation and Observation Environment. The CyberCANOE is a visualization and collaboration infrastructure that allows students and researchers to work together more effectively using large amounts of data and information. It was designed by ...

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UHERO forecast: Economic expansion will continue, despite global challenges

Kapiolani Park, Waikiki

According to the newest University of Hawaiʻi Economic Research Organization (UHERO) report, economic outlook this year has turned out a bit better than anticipated, and prospects remain good for 2016. Next year will see some easing of visitor growth, but no retreat from the high levels of activity that have built up in recent years. The construction expansion will continue, ...

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Civil engineering alumnus featured in national magazine


UH Mānoa civil engineering alumnus Isaiah T.K. Sato, 23, is the cover story of the fall 2015 issue of Winds of Change, a national magazine for American Indians/Alaska Natives/Native Hawaiians/First Nations, with an emphasis on STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math). Read the story in Winds of Change. Sato graduated with a BS in civil and environmental engineering atUH ...

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Lassner Gifts $76,000 To Support UH Information Technology

Celebrating donors who have made gifts to the UH IT Center, from left, UH Foundation President and CEO Donna Vuchinich, donor Becky Kam-Locascio, donor Anthony Locascio, UH President and donor David Lassner, donor Frances Yee and UH Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Garret Yoshimi (photo courtesy of UH Foundation)

University of Hawaiʻi President David Lassner has made a $76,000 gift to support the University of Hawaiʻi System Information Technology Services. The state-of-the-art UH Information Technology Center opened for business in February 2014 and houses enterprise information and communications technology systems and services that support modern teaching, administration and research for all 10 UH campuses statewide. “We are most grateful to ...

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