Pacific Biosciences Research Center

Jellyfish researcher

Research at PBRC encompasses biodiversity all levels of biological integration, from genes to ecosystems, and seeks to integrate them through collaborations. Molecular, physiological, computational, and imaging tools are being used to document biological diversity, understand evolutionary relationships, and elucidate its functional significance. Behavioral studies, many in combination with physiological measurements, are being used to answer questions of the mechanisms of …

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School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST)

SOEST is one of the nation’s premier academic institutions for ocean- and earth- related research, which is administered through Board of Regents-approved research Institutes, Centers, Laboratories, and Programs, and through the academic departments. SOEST faculty and staff conduct research in a broad disciplinary range, often transcending the boundaries between units and between fields of study. SOEST is an international leader …

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Waikiki Aquarium

Since its founding in 1904 and becoming the first marine field station in Hawaiʻi in 1912, the Waikiki Aquarium has been fostering awareness and promoting stewardship of the aquatic life of Hawaiʻi and the tropical Pacific through research and conservation. The 106-year-old University of Hawaii facility boasts several ongoing research projects that have been designed to restore, protect and manage …

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Distance learning and the educational use of wikis

Grace Lin

Assistant Professor Grace Lin received a first place award for a journal article at the 2012 Association for Educational and Communications Technology (AECT) Annual International Convention in Louisville, Kentucky Lin received a first place Distance Learning Journal Article Award for her article, “The tensions of transformation in three cross-institutional wikibook projects,” which was published in the journal Internet and Higher …

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Ho’okulaiwi honored for educational research and practice


The UH Mānoa College of Education Hoʻokulāiwi cohort was recognized by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) at its 2012 annual meeting held in Vancouver, Canada. Annually, more than 13,000 scholars from around the world attend the AERA meeting, making it the largest professional gathering of educational researchers. As part of a partnership with the Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian …

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Water Resources Research Center

The Water Resources Research Center concentrates on addressing the unique water and wastewater management problems facing people in the Pacific. It serves the State of Hawai‘i as well as other Pacific islands and elsewhere by researching water-related issues distinctive to these areas. The main focuses of the center are to coordinate and conduct research to identify, characterize and quantify water-related …

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