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ARCS Foundation partnership brings new funding for student research in Life Sciences

ARCS Foundation logoThe Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation Honolulu Chapter has given more than $1.5 million in awards to UH students since its inception in 1974.

On June 3, the Roche Foundation and ARCS Foundation announced a unique program to support outstanding graduate life science students at universities across the United States, including UH Mānoa.  The Roche/ARCS Foundation Scholar Award Program in the Life Sciences will support the next generation of life science leaders and further the foundations’ shared interest in the advancement of science.

Nancy Spetzler, ARCS Foundation National president said, “The scientific innovations of Roche/ARCS Scholars will help build a better future and drive economic growth in our country. That’s why it is so exciting for ARCS Foundation to partner with The Roche Foundation with its long history of support for science innovation. This collaboration will strengthen our ability to fulfill the ARCS Foundation mission of advancing science in America.”

“As one of the 17 ARCS Foundation chapters, Honolulu looks forward to participating in the Roche/ARCS Foundation Scholar Award Program, which will expand our capacity to support University of Hawaii doctoral students in the life sciences,” said Cheryl Ernst, ARCS Foundation Honolulu Chapter president.

Through this partnership, The Roche Foundation will provide a total of $663,000 in funding to support as many as 40 Roche/ARCS Foundation Scholars over the next three years. The program follows a unique model, where awards provide a much-needed form of support for outstanding young life science scholars to achieve success.

Read the full ARCS Foundation news release here.


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