What are the activities of

1. Paligsahan sa Pagkanta (Songfest) is a
Filipino song competition held at the end of Fall

2. Paligsahan sa Dula (Dramafest) is a
Filipino drama competition held at the end of the
Spring semester. Categories include Drama,
Comedy, Musical, and Cultural plays written by
the students.

3. Piknik is held once every semester. The
picnic exposes students to Philippine culture
(traditional games, folk songs, food, etc.) outside
of the classroom. It allows students to interact
with other KATIPUNAN members and the
invited community members.

4. Sine is a free film showing of Filipino
movies at least once every semester. This event
allows the students to practice their listening and
speaking skills. This event is also open to the

5. The Ate/Kuya Program provides help by
upper-level students to Filipino 100 level
students with their learning process of the
Filipino language

6. Banquet is held at the end of the Spring
semester to induct the incoming officers and
recognize the work of the outgoing officers.

7. Fundraisers and Community Events are
also coordinated within the semester.

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