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Occasional Publications
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The IRC publishes its research findings in the form of special reports, serials, and monographs. All publications are available for a nominal fee. The newest publication is the Reference Book to Hawaii Public Sector Collective Bargaining. An annual series,Duration of Collective Bargaining Agreements in Hawaii, provides an overview of collective bargaining agreements subject to negotiations during the upcoming calendar year.

Newsletter & Selected Acquisitions List

The IRC has issued a Newsletter since August 22, 1949, summarizing current developments and emerging issues in the areas of industrial relations and human resource management. It has included digests of decisions of the Hawaii Labor Relations Board and results of NLRB representation elections in Hawaii. In conjunction with the Newsletter, an acquisitions list was issued announcing the latest additions to the IRC Library.

Beginning in 2008, the IRC will continue coverage of news as in the past but will no longer publish the Newsletter. Instead, the news will appear in electronic form on our website under IR News. The conversion was initiated to permit more timely and cost-efficient reporting of current news and developments of significance and interest to members of the industrial relations community. Inquiries related to the news reports are most welcome and will be received via e-mail at or fax at (808) 956-3609.

Hawaii Labor Relations Board Decisions

As the repository of decisions of the Hawaii Labor Relations Board (HLRB), the IRC publishes the HLRB decisions in a format that includes headnotes, indices by subject and parties, and updates of applicable laws and rules. The decisions are available on an annual subscription basis.

Ordering Information

Orders for publications or subscriptions may be made by contacting the IRC at (808) 956-8132 or