Fall 2009 Electives


CUL 609 Speaker Series Wimal Dissanayake
CUL 610 History and Theory Wimal Dissanayake
CUL 750 Capstone Project Wimal Dissanayake
AMST 632 Mass Media: Global Popular Culture Hye Seung Chung
AMST 683 Museums: Theory, History, Practice Karen Kosasa
ART 791 Orientalism and Visual Culture: History, Theory, Prospects Paul Lavy
ASAN 624 Culture and Colonialism Miriam Sharma
ENG 727

Seminar in Literary Criticism: Ethics and Contemporary Fiction

John Zuern
ENG 735Q Asian American Literature and Theory Ruth Hsu
ENG 775(2) Seminar in Cultural Studies: Queer Theory Cynthia Franklin
ES 301 Ethnic Identity Jonathan Okamura
ES/WS 390 Gender and Race in US Society Monisha Das Gupta
ES/SOC 492 Politics of Multiculturalism Nandita Sharma
GEOG 637 Environment and Development Krisna Suryanata
GEOG 757 Research Seminar in Cultural Geography: Geographies of Identification, Categorization, and Difference Reece Jones
MUS 678D Advanced Problems in Ethnomusicology: Music, Identity, Nationalism Fred Lau
PACS 602 Re/presenting Oceania Vilsoni Hereniko
POL 620 Introduction to Indigenous Politics Hokulani Aikau
POL 621 Images and Representations of ‘Indians,’ ‘Natives,’ and ‘Others’ in Popular Media NoeNoe Silva
POL 710 The 'Presence' of War Michael Shapiro and Brian Gallagher
SLS 730 Language and Identity Kathryn Davis
SOC 706 Cultural Analysis Seio Nakajima
THEA 705 20th Century Critical Theory Markus Wessendorf