Spring 2011 Speaker Series

Cultural Studies And Visual Cultures



From the very beginning, students of Cultural Studies have been interested in the complex intersections of culture and visualities. As a consequence of the increasing velocity of globalization and the stupendous developments in communication technologies, visual cultures have begun to assume newer forms and promote newer agendas. At the same time, theorists of visual media have come up with compellingly innovative ways of thinking about visualities and cultures. The names of Deleuze, Ranciere, Nancy immediately spring to mind in the domain of cinema. Hence there is a compelling need for Cultural Studies to re-visit this topic .The way that newly emergent visual consciousnesses are shaping perceptions and subjectivities, influencing our understandings of violence and politics of representation merits careful study. The mutual interactions between film, literature, painting are assuming novel forms; such developments have great implications for Cultural Studies. These and related issues will be explored in this Spring 2011 Speaker Series.


Time:  12:00pm – 1:20pm      Place: East-West Center, Burns Hall 2118 or 4005

(All presentations are free and open to the public; Schedule subject to change)



Wed. Jan. 26th – Dr. Joseph Stanton, Department of Art and Art History & American Studies, UHM

An Imaginary MuseumBurns Hall 2118


Wed. Feb. 2nd – Dr. Seio Nakajima, Department of Sociology, UHM

Watching Documentary: Critical Public Discourses and Contemporary Urban Chinese Film ClubsBurns Hall 2118


Wed. Feb. 23rd – Roundtable-- Moderator: Dr. Wimal Dissanaykae, Director of International Cultural Studies, UHM

Panelists: Michael Shapiro, Political Science, UHM; Alvin Lim, Political Science, UHM; Miguel llora, American Studies, UHM

 “Ranciere and Cinema: New Interpretive Horizons” Burns Hall 2118


Wed. March 2nd – Mohammed Atebbai, Department of

New Developments in Iranian Theater and Cinema Burns Hall 2118


Wed. March 16th – Dr. Joy Logan, Department of LLEA, UHM

“The Indigenous Mountain: Ethnic Identity, Adventure, and Mountaineering in the Argentine Andes” Burns Hall 2118


Wed. April 6th – Dr. Kate Zhou, Department of Political Science, UHM

“Globilization Debates” Burns Hall 2118


Wed. April 27th – Dr. Richard C. Rath, Department of History, UHM

“Media Revolutions Past and Present” Burns Hall 2118


Fri. May 6th– Capstone, Burns 4005


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