Spring 2010 Speaker Series




The recent economic downturn has forced us to re-think the nature, potentialities and limitations of capitalism. Some argue that we are faced with a fundamental crisis of capitalism, while others see it as a temporary phenomenon. However, it is evident that fissures and faultlines have emerged in the capitalist imaginary. A re-examination of the ways in which capitalism and culture criss-cross will enable us to come up with newer strategies of understanding cultural texts and cultural discourses. The re-imagining of capitalism is also a re-imagining of culture.  



Time:  12:00pm – 1:20pm          Place:  Tokioka Rm, Moore 319 or East-West Center, Burns Hall 2118 or 4005

(All presentations are free and open to the public; Schedule subject to change)


Wed. Jan. 13th – Dr. Suzanna Reiss, Department of History, UHM

The Chemistry of Capitalism: US-Andean Drug Control Policy at Mid-CenturyBurns Hall 2118


Wed. Jan. 27th– Roundtable Organizer: Dr. Ming-Bao Yue, East Asian Lang. & Literatures, UHM;

Moderator: Dr. Hui Jiang, East Asian Lang. & Literatures,UHM;

Panelists: Dr. Pensri Ho, Ethnic Studies, UHM; Dr. Jungmin Seo, Political Science, UHM; Yida Wang, Art, UHM

Capitalism without Democracy? Lessons from ChinaBurns Hall 2118


Wed. Feb 17th – Dr. Seio Nakajima, Department of Sociology, UHM

Social and Cultural Studies of the Economy: Traditions and Recent Developments in Economic SociologyMoore 319


Wed. Feb 24th – Rohan Kaylan, PhD Candidate Department of Political Science, UHM

“Neo Delhi: Virtual Cultures of Capitalism at the Urban/Rural Frontiers of the Global Economy” Moore 319


Wed. March 3rd – Dr. Michael Shapiro, Department of Political Science

“Gothic Philadelphia: Divided Subjects and Fractionated Assemblages” Moore 319


Wed. March 10th – RoundtableDr. Laura Lyons, Department of English, UHM;

Dr. S. Shankar, Departments of English & South Asian Studies, UHM;

 “Towards a Critical Corporate Studies: What Can Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola and Dole

 Teach Us About Globalization Now?”  Moore 319


Wed. March 17th– Dr. Monisha Das Gupta, Departments of Ethnic Studies & Women’s Studies

“Laboring Bodies, Labors of Love: Immigrant Organizing and Rights Talk” Moore 319


Wed. March 31st – Dr. Geoffrey White, Department of Anthropology, UHM & Adjunct Senior Fellow, EWC

“Sovereign Memories: Remembering the Good War at the Normandy American Cemetery” Moore 319


Wed. April 14th– Dr. Jon Goss, Departments of Geography & Honors, UHM

“New York Giants: Monstrous Appetite and Mimetic Desire in the Billboards of Mid-town Manhattan” Moore 319


Wed. April 21st– Dr. Richard Rath, Department of History, UHM

“How to Read Hypertext: Publishing and Open Source in the Academy” Moore 319


Fri. May 7th– Capstone, Moore 319


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