Spring 2009 Speaker Series




In a rapidly globalizing world, the state has proved to be a remarkably resilient category. Questions of sovereignty, identity, memory, geography, modernity, colonialism, and globalization have interconnected in complex ways. To map the full force and complexities of the diverse identities associated with modern social life, we need to situate them within the problematic space of the state. How is the state continually reconstituted in ongoing interactions among discursive forms, communal interests, and individual desires? How do writers, artists, filmmakers, and academics re-imagine the state? What are the implications for the state as it moves from a territorial to a relational geography? As students of cultural studies, what new tools and vocabularies of analysis do we bring to bear on re-understanding statehood?


Time:  12:00pm – 1:20pm          Place:  East-West Center, Burns Hall 2118 or 4005

(All presentations are free and open to the public)


Wed. Jan. 28th – Capstone Presentation Da-Wei Kuan, Department of Geography, UHM  

“People, River and the Place under Watershed Management:

Modern Resource Discourses and Indigenous Testimonies” Burns 2118


 Wed. Feb. 11th – Dr. S. Shankar, Departments of English and South Asian Studies, UHM

“Caste and the Difference It Makes: New Directions in Postcolonial Theory” Burns 4005


Wed. Feb. 18th –RoundtableWimal Dissanayake, Academy for Creative Media, UHM;

Dr. Mingbao Yue, East Asian Languages and Literatures, UHM; Dr. Seio Nakajima, Department of Sociology, UHM 

“State and Cinema in ChinaBurns 4005


Wed. Feb. 25th– Dr. Sean Metzger, Departments of English and Theater Studies, Duke University

“The American Cold War and the Chinese Communist Conspiracy Picture (CCCP)” Burns 4005


Wed. Mar. 4th – Dean Saranillio, American Studies, University of Michigan

“Seeing Conquest: Colliding Histories and the Cultural Politics of Hawai‘i Statehood” Burns 4005


Wed. Mar. 11th – Dr. Sankaran Krishna, Department of Political Science, UHM

“Nation-building as State Failure: The Strange Journey from Ceylon to Sri Lanka” Burns 2118


Wed. Apr. 1stDr. Cathryn Clayton, School of Pacific and Asian Studies, UHM

Burns 2118


Wed. Apr. 15th – Dr. Matt George, Department of Communication, HPU

“Legs Wide Shut: Governmentality and the Hallucination of Pornocracy in Kubrick's Final Film” Burns 2118


Wed. Apr. 22nd – Dr. Jolie Sheffer, Department of English, Bowling Green State University

“The Visual and Erotic Language of Modern Multiculturalism” Burns 2118


Wed. Apr. 29th – Dr. Patrick Wolfe, Charles LaTrobe Research Fellow, History Program, La Trobe University

"Race and the Trace of History: Different Societies, Different Colonialisms, and Different Differences"
Burns 2118


May 8th—Capstone Forum Burns 4005


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