Spring 2008 Speaker Series:

Commemoration: The University in the Twenty-First Century


How has the mission of higher education in the United States or elsewhere changed in the past century? How have research and teaching at UH been shaped by its institutional nature as a land-grant university in a colonial setting? In what ways have universities responded to—and/or shaped—the flows of knowledge, people, and capital in the age of globalization? Whatever happened to the Culture Wars? How has the nature of knowledge production changed in the twenty-first century? What are the roles of the classrooms, laboratories, studios, libraries, and archives in today’s university? How can cultural studies effectively address these questions? All presentations are free and open to the public.


Time:  12:00pm – 1:20pm Place:  East-West Center, Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Feb. 6thWimal Dissanayake, Academy for Creative Media, UH Manoa

“Cultural Studies and the University: My Hong Kong Experience”


 Wed. Feb. 20thDavid Kahane, Department of Political Science, University of Alberta

"Teaching in the Life of a Great University"

Burns Hall 4005


Wed. Feb. 27thJames Horton, Department of American Studies and History, George Washington University & Department of American Studies, UHM,

Lois Horton, Department of History, George Mason University & Department of American Studies, UHM

"Commemorating Slavery: The Tough Stuff of American Memory"

Burns Hall 4005


Wed. Mar. 5thKanalu Young, Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies, UH Manoa

"UH Centennial: More than a Reflection on Institutional Progress"

Burns Hall 4005 ~CANCELLED~


Wed. Mar. 12th  ICS Roundtable Discussion, Moderator: Ming-Bao Yue

Geoffrey White, Department of Anthropology and East West Center,

Wimal Dissanayake, Academy of Creative Media, Richard Nettell, Department of English,

 Kathy Ferguson, Department of Political Science and Women’s Studies

"UH-Manoa in the Age of Globalization: The Impact of the 'Military-Industrial-Academic' Paradigm'"

Burns Hall 2125


Wed. Mar. 19thHimanee Gupta, Humanities and Sciences Department, Cornish College of the Arts

U.S. Diasporas After Katrina: Stories of Displaced Hurricane Survivors in Seattle


Wed. April 2nd – Cynthia Franklin, Department of English, UH Manoa

"Academic Lives: Memoir, Cultural Theory and the University Today"


Wed. April 16thMamo Kim, Department of Political Science, UH Manoa

"Public Health as a Lens for Education"


Wed. April 23rdSankaran Krishna, Department of Political Science, UH Manoa

“Comparative Assassinations: The Change in Moral Economy of Political Killing in South Asia