Spring 1999 Colloquia Series

The following colloquia were held during the Spring 1999 semester.
January 19: Laura Edles, Sociology
"Cultural Sociology in Practice"
February 2: Ricardo Trimillos, Asian Studies
"Gender Construction through the Performing Arts in the Asia-Pacific Region"
February 16: Jonathan Okamura, Student Equity, Excellence, & Diversity
"Diaspora as Transnational Social Construction"
March 2: Jon Goss, Geography
"Ultimate Journeys: Life, Death, and Resurrection in Hawaii's Tourist Landscape"
March 16: Cynthia Ward, English
"Comparative Cultural Studies"
April 6: Mari Yoshihara, American Studies
"Putting on the Voice of the Orient: White Women Perform Asian-ness on Stage, 1900s-1920s"
April 20: Ming-Bao Yue, East Asian Languages & Literature
"Chinese Diaspora and the Politics of Vision"