The Fall 2011 ICSCP Speaker Series

The Fall 2011 Speaker Series examines cultural or social change or movements in the Modern Age to the present day. All critical methods are welcome, such as critical race theory, indigenous studies, feminisms, literary studies, studies of visual and material cultures, post-colonial theory, queer theory, performance studies, film and media studies, eco-criticism, and so on. Speakers might focus on literary or cultural texts (murals, movies, poetry, music, comics, exhibitions, social media, concerts, memorials, etc.) or on wide-spread events or public discourse, such as but not limited to: woman’s suffrage, anti-Abolitionist Movement, Arab Spring, the protection of indigenous rights, the May Fourth Movement; protests against war, the WTO, the erosion of unions; protests against and for immigration, etc...


September 7 – Thomas S. Dye, PhD (Anthropology)
Title: "The right not to be excluded: Some milestones of its history in Hawai`i"

September 28 - Lynette Cruz, PhD (Anthropology, HPU)
Title: "Head Candy/Gut Connection: How Reenacting a Historic Event Changes the Present"

October 5 - Hala Ghoname, M.A. Candidate in Art History
Title: “The Arab Spring” – eye-witness account and political discourse

October 12 - Kirstin Pauka, PhD (Asian Theater)
Title: “Randai theatre from West Sumatra and its adaptation in the Asian Theatre Program at UHM”

October 19 - Jaimey Hamilton, PhD (Art & Art History)
Title: “alternaAPEC: What is the current state of art activism?”

October 26: Christina Gerhardt, PhD (Languages and Literatures)
Title: "From Social Movements to Armed Struggle:The Historical Context of West Germany's Red Army Faction."

November 2 - Gaye Chan, MFA (Art & Art History) and Nandita Sharma, PhD (Sociology)
Title: Common Futures: "Eating in Public" and the Production of New Subjectivities”

November 9 - Kathy Ferguson, PhD (Political Science and Women’s Studies)
Title: "Why Feminism needs Anarchism”

November 16 - Wimal Dissanayake, PhD (Media Studies)
Title: “Film studies, cultural studies, and Asian cinema”

November 30 - Urvashi Chakravarty, PhD (English Studies)
Title: "Reimagining the Help: Service, Nostalgia, and Cultural Revisionism."

December 7 - Robert Perkinson, PhD (American Studies)
Title:” Racism and Imprisonment in the Age of Obama”

Location: Burns 2118 (East-West Center)
Day, Time: Wednesdays, noon to 1:30 pm
Contact: Ruth Y. Hsu (Director),