Fall 2010 Speaker Series




Pacific cultures are on the move. Mass media, globalization, and tourism are bringing about fundamental changes in the lives of islanders. The Fall 2010 Speaker Series will focus on how people in the Pacific are shaped by the cultures they inhabit, and how they shape the cultures in return, through an examination of the interplay of social formations, everyday life, and representational practices. Attention will also be given to the relevance and adequacy of preferred approaches, methodologies, analytical categories, and vocabularies of re-description of cultural studies for understanding the distinctivenesses of Pacific cultures.


Time:  12:00pm – 1:20pm      Place: East-West Center, Burns Hall 2118 or 4005

(All presentations are free and open to the public; Schedule subject to change)


Wed. Sept 8th – Roundtable-- Moderator: Dr. Wimal Dissanaykae, Director of International Cultural Studies, UHM

Panelists: Marlene Booth, Academy for Creative Media, UHM; Anne Misawa, Academy for Creative Media, UHM; Konrad Ng, Academy for Creative Media, UHM; Makerita Urale, Fulbright–Creative New Zealand & Pacific Writer-in-Residence, Center for Pacific Islands Studies, UHM

 “Merata Mita and the Idea of a Pacific Cinema” Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Sept. 15th – Dr. Vicente Rafael, Department of History, University of Washington

The Babel of Monolingualism: Translation and the US Empire Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Oct. 6th – Dr. Rob Borofsky, Department of Anthropology, HPU

You Tell Me: Why Aren't There More Indigenous Voices in Western Histories? Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Oct. 13th – Dr. Kathy Ferguson, Department of Political Science & Women's Studies, UHM

How Could She Miss Race? Slavery and Colonialism in Emma Goldman” Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Oct. 27th – Gaye Chan, Department of Art & Art History, UHM

A Thousand Words: Every Picture” Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Nov. 10th – Dr. April Henderson, Director of Pacific Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Fleeting Substantiality: The Samoan Giant in US Popular Discourse Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Nov. 17th – Robert Buss, Executive Director, Hawaii Council for the Humanities

Telling Tales: Memory, Stories, and Connections in the Public Humanities Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Nov. 24th – Dr. Caroline Sinavaiana, Department of English, UHM

“bro'Town & The Naked Samoans: Ritual Clowning Goes Prime Time Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Dec. 1st – Dr. Cynthia Franklin, Department of English, UHM

Eichmann and His Ghosts: The Unstable Status of the Human in the Workings of Empire Burns Hall 2118


Fri. Dec 10th– Capstone, Burns 4005


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