Fall 2009 Speaker Series




The idea of post-racial societies has gained momentum in recent times. Cultural Studies has long been interested in issues of national citizenship, cultural identity, and transnationalization. Is the concept of post-racial societies an enabling idea or a dangerous conceit? Are we too hasty in our abandonment of race as an analytical category? Does this undermine multiculturalism? Aren't ethno-racial communities vital sites for the constitution and articulation of cultural values? How does the idea of post-racial societies relate to the postmodernist valorization of the local, the particular?


Time:  12:00pm – 1:20pm          Place:  East-West Center, Burns Hall 2118 or 4005

(All presentations are free and open to the public)


Wed. Sept. 9thDr. Vincent K. Pollard, Department of Asian Studies, UHM

“Militant Music, Powerful Language and Atomic Bombs: Constitutional Change in the PhilippinesBurns Hall 2118


Wed. Sept. 23– RoundtableDr. Andrew Arno, Department of  Anthropology, UHM; Dr. Ruth Hsu, Department of English, UHM; Dr. Elisa White, Department of Ethnic Studies, UHM

 “Law and Order, Racism and the Gates Affair” Burns Hall 4005


Wed. Sept. 30thDr. Nandita Sharma, Department of Sociology & Department of Ethnic Studies, UHM

and Dr. Gaye Chan, Department of Art, UHM 

“Eating in Public: The Desire for a Post-Racist Commons” Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Oct. 14thDr. Markus Wessendorf, Department of Theater & Dance, UHM

“Young Jean Lee's Deconstruction of a ‘Post-racial’ America in Her Plays ‘Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven’ (2006) and ‘The Shipment’ (2009)” Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Oct. 21stDr. Hye Seung Chung, Department of American Studies, UHM

 All about Cristina: The Politics of (In)Visibility and New Multiculturalism in Grey's Anatomy” Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Oct. 28thDr. Vilsoni Hereniko, Department of Pacific Island Studies

“The Quest for a Post-Racial Fiji and the Audacity of Hope” Burns Hall 2118

Wed. Nov. 4thDr. Jonathan Okamura, Department of Ethnic Studies

Postracial America and Barack Obama as the Postracial Candidate: Perspectives from Asian America and Hawai'iBurns Hall 2118


Wed. Nov. 18thDr. Christine Yano, Department of Anthropology, UHM

 “Post-racial Obama in Japan? Struggles of Blood Ideology Amid Calls for Change” Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Nov. 25thDr. Njoroge Njoroge, Department of History, UHM

“Victims of a Map: Third Worldism and the Unreality of the Post-Racial Society” Burns Hall 2118


Wed. Dec. 2ndDr. Elisa White, Department of Ethnic Studies, UHM

“Constructing, Embracing and Removing Black Ireland:

A Case of the African Diaspora in Europe and the Modern Problem of Race” Burns Hall 2118


Fri. Dec. 11– Capstone, Burns Hall 4005


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