Fall 2008 Speaker Series




As the U.S. Presidential election moves into high gear, mass media will be saturated with discussions related to the election. The relationship between elections and democracy is intimate and complex. Questions of cultural citizenship, social change, civil society, global democracy, public imagination, and foreign policy will figure prominently in these discussions. What are the complementarities and tensions among these elements? What are the key sites for the theorization of cultural citizenship? What is the role of media in shaping the agenda? How can we conduct democratic negotiations of forms of difference? Is the nation the primary principle of identification? How important is popular culture in disseminating one's viewpoint? How can Cultural Studies productively address these questions?


Time:  12:00pm – 1:20pm Place:  East-West Center, Burns Hall 2118

(All presentations are free and open to the public)


Wed. Sept. 3rdICS Roundtable Discussion

Jon Goss, Geography, Geoffrey White, Department of Anthropology and East West Center,

Mari Yoshihara, American Studies, Ming-Bao Yue, East Asian Languages & Literatures,

“Cultural Studies: What’s Next?”


 Wed. Sept. 17thRavi Vatrapu & Scott Robertson, Department of Computer Science, UHM

“Digital Democracy and Digital Citizenship: Emerging Trends and Empirical Studies”


Wed. Oct. 1stAndrew Arno, Department of Anthropology, UHM

“Questions of Land and Democracy: The Political Production of Space”


Wed. Oct. 8thDavid Stannard, American Studies, UHM

"Was It Genocide? Does it Matter?"



Wed. Oct. 15thPeter Hershock, Education Program, East-West Center

“Diversity as Public Good: Buddhist Reflections on the Meaning of Difference”


Wed. Oct. 29thRuth Hsu, Department of English, UHM

“American Democracy and Racial Identity on the Internet”


Wed. Nov. 12thNandita Sharma, Department of Sociology & Department of Ethnic Studies, UHM

“Patriot Games: Citizenship and the Making of National Apartheids”


Wed. Nov. 26thJonathan Goldberg-Hiller, Department of Political Science, UHM

“Of Sex and Citizenship: The Political Limits to a National Fantasy”


Wed. Dec. 3rdBelinda Aquino & Federico Magdalena,

Department of Political Science & Center for Philippines Studies, UHM,

“Problematizing Philippine Citizenship: The Bangsamoro (Moro Nation) Challenge”


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