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The University of Hawaii, Manoa

November 20-21, 2000

Sponsored by:
The University of Hawaii Japan Endowment (funded by a grant from the Japanese government)
The University of Hawaii Globalization Research Center
The University of Hawaii Anthropology Department
The International Cultural Studies Certificate Program
The East West Center and the University of Hawaii

An academic conference in Rooms 3121-25, Burns Hall, The East-West Center

Monday, November 20
9:00-10:45: Translating Pokèmon Across Platforms, Languages, and Cultures
  • Joseph Tobin, (Hawaii): Introduction: Made in Japan, Sold Everywhere
  • Jeff Maret/Hirofumi Katsuno (Hawaii): Comparing Japanese and English
  • Versions of the T.V. show
11:00-12:00: Gotta Get All the Cards: How Much is a Pokèmon Worth?
  • Gilles Brougere and Juliet Gibert (Paris)
1:30-3:30 Pokèmon Goes Global
  • Dafna Lemish (Tel Aviv): Pokèmon in the Holy Land: How Children's Culture Travels
  • Cassandra Weddell (Brisbane): Pokèmon in Australian Aboriginal Communities
3:45-5:45 Children's Pokèmon Culture
  • Julian Sefton-Green (London): Initiation Rites: A Small Boy in a Poke-World
  • David Buckingham (London): Structure, Agency, and Pedagogy in Children's Media Culture
Tuesday, November 21
9:00-11:30: Pokèmon Goes to School
  • Rebekah Willett (London): 'To Protect our Schools from Devastation: Children's Use of Pokemon in Creative Story Writing'
  • Helen Bromley (London): "Joe knows everything:" Information Culture and Narrative Play in a Reception Class.
  • Sam Tobin (Baltimore): Too Late, Too Old, and Too Uncool: A Boy and his Love of Pokèmon
12:15-2:00: The Cultural Circulation of Cuteness: Pokèmon in Japan, Hong Kong, and the U.S. (bring lunch!)
  • Anne Allison (Chapel Hill), Anthony Fung (Hong Kong), Koichi Iwabuchi (Tokyo), Christine Yano (Hawaii)
2:30-3:30: Reflections on the Rise and Fall of Pokèmon: An Open Forum





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