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Most exchange students attend either the Tha Prachan Campus or the Rangsit Campus. Thammasat University Campus Map


Open to undergraduate students in all majors. Thammasat iss a particularly good fit for students in Business, Economics, and Political Science!

Academic areas: At the Thammasat Business School - Students take 4-5 courses per semester; a minimum of 3 courses must be in Business. Students may also take Thai language and culture classes. Other faculties and colleges include: Health Sciences, Architecture & Planning, Economics, Engineering, Fine Arts, Law, Liberal Arts, Medicine, Political Science, Science & Technology, Sociology & Anthropology, and Languages.


Yes - All courses at the Thammasat Business School are taught in English. Thai language and culture courses are also taught in English. Some courses in other faculties and departments are also taught in English.



Fall Semester August - December ("International Semester 1")
Spring Semester January - May ("International Semester 2")
Students may study at Thammasat University for two consecutive semesters, starting in the fall or spring.

Thammasat University Academic Calendar


On-campus accommodations are available at the Rangsit Campus.
Arrange your own housing
There is no on-campus at the Tha Prachan Campus at Thammasat University. However, the staff at Thammasat helps exchange students to find private and safe accommodation located near the university.


TUITION - MIX students register as full-time students at UH Manoa and pay regular UHM tuition & fees.  Your tuition category (Resident, Non-Resident, WUE, etc., stays the same). You do not pay overseas tuition. 

LIVING EXPENSES - You are responsible for all living expenses, including health insurance, books/supplies, room & meals, personal expenses, airfare, local transportation, and any costs associated with obtaining a visa (if applicable). Below are estimates for planning purposes only; amounts are listed per semester, and will vary based on your individual needs.    

  • Health Insurance: $200-400
  • Books & Supplies: $100-200
  • Room & Meals: $2,000-3,200
  • Personal Expenses: $1,000-2,000
  • Airfare & Local Transportation: $1,600-2,400
  • Visa Expenses: $200-260
  • Other (school uniform): $80-200

FINANCIAL AID - Since you are still a registered UHM student while on MIX, you continue to be eligible to receive financial aid and scholarships.  If you submit a ‘MIX Student Budget for Financial Aid Purposes’ form, UHM financial aid will take into consideration your overseas living and travel expenses when awarding your grants/loans. More info on Financial Aid & Scholarships for MIX   


Visa Information: Exchange students will need to apply for a multi-entry Non-immigrant visa, type ED. You can apply for your visa through the mail (Washington D.C. Consulate), or by visiting The Royal Thai Consulate-General in Honolulu. Processing time is about 2-3 weeks.

Required documents include a valid passport (must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of your stay), two passport-size photos, an application form, an official acceptance letter from your Thai host university, a copy of your airline ticket, a visa fee (approx. $200, subject to change), and a self-addressed stamped return envelope. See the Royal Thai Embassy website for details.

The Royal Thai Consulate-General in Honolulu:
Honorary Consul-General, Mr. Colin Miyabara
866 Iwilei Road, Room 201
Honolulu, HI 96817
Tel: (808) 524-7787, Hotline (808) 218-8803


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