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Lund is located in southern Sweden, near the city of Malmö, right over the bridge from Denmark.


Open to undergraduate students in all majors. Lund is an especially good fit for students in Sociology and Social Sciences!

Academic areas: Exchange students take courses in LU's Department of Sociology. Students typically take one or two courses at a time throughout the duration of the semester, rather than taking all courses at once. Most courses are 5 or 10 weeks long.

Other courses within the Faculty of Social Science

Note: 1 ECTS credit = .6 semester credits (5 ECTS = 3 UHM credits). 30 ECTS / 18 semester credits is considered a normal courseload.


Yes - Lund University offers more than 300 courses in English recommended for exchange students.

Exchange students can also take extra courses in subjects such as Swedish language, Swedish and Scandinavian culture and society, and European & global issues.



Fall Semester Early September - mid January*
Spring Semester Mid January - early June
Year Early September - early June (academic year)

Lund University Academic Calendar

*Note: If you receive financial aid, you may not study at Lund University for just the Fall Semester. Doing so will render you ineligible for financial aid for the following spring semester at UHM.


Exchange students may apply for on-campus housing through the International Housing Office at Lund University. Student Halls of Residence consist of "corridors" of 10-12 private rooms, most with its own en suite bathroom. Each corridor has a common kitchen area and living area.
Arrange your own housing
Studio flats are available through the International Housing Office.

More information about Housing at Lund University


TUITION - MIX students register as full-time students at UH Manoa and pay regular UHM tuition & fees.  Your tuition category (Resident, Non-Resident, WUE, etc., stays the same). You do not pay overseas tuition. 

LIVING EXPENSES - You are responsible for all living expenses, including health insurance, books/supplies, room & meals, personal expenses, airfare, local transportation, and any costs associated with obtaining a visa (if applicable). Below are estimates for planning purposes only; amounts are listed per semester, and will vary based on your individual needs.    

  • Health Insurance: $200-400
  • Books & Supplies: $200-400
  • Room & Meals: $5,000-6,500
  • Personal Expenses: $2,000-3,000
  • Airfare & Local Transportation: $2,000-2,800
  • Visa Expenses: $160-210 (Residence Permit)

FINANCIAL AID - Since you are still a registered UHM student while on MIX, you continue to be eligible to receive financial aid and scholarships.  If you submit a ‘MIX Student Budget for Financial Aid Purposes’ form, UHM financial aid will take into consideration your overseas living and travel expenses when awarding your grants/loans. More info on Financial Aid & Scholarships for MIX   


Activities for Exchange Students - Sweden is part of the Schengen Borders Agreement. Lund University can match exchange students with "International Mentors". Mentors help new students with practical matters and introduce you to various student activities and everyday Swedish living. Lund University also has a "Friend Family Programme." Students who are interested in learning more about Swedish culture can apply for a Friend Family. This is not a host family living situation; rather, students visit their family for occasional meals or other activities.

Visa Information - UHM students will need to apply for a Residence Permit for Permission to Study in Sweden prior to departure. More Information


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