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Pre-Departure Information



This information is for Outbound UHM Students. Here's what you need to know before you go abroad.


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down arrow Academic Planning

ACADEMIC PLANNING - You must meet with your UHM Academic Advisor(s) to discuss how the transfer credits you earn on MIX can be applied towards your major and minor degree requirements. For this purpose, you may use the MIX Academic Advising Worksheet.


down arrow MIX Pre-Departure Form

MIX PRE-DEPARTURE FORM - Complete this online form once you have been officially nominated to an overseas university. Required.

OVERSEAS HEALTH INSURANCE - All MIX participants are required to have adequate insurance coverage while abroad. If your current insurance policy is basic and does not cover repatriation and evacuation, please purchase additional coverage to supplement your current policy. Here are some options:

FINANCIAL AID NOTE: If you are on Financial Aid, please read the MIX Financial Aid Information and submit the required MIX Budget Form.

down arrow MyUH Registration

MIX PLACEHOLDER COURSE - Prior to departure, you must register for a MIX Placeholder Course in the MyUH Portal. This will enable you to continue to be a full time registered UHM tuition-paying student while you are abroad. MIX will email you the appropriate course code and CRN.

NOTE: MIX Placeholder courses are variable credit courses that default to one credit. You must manually increase the credits in MyUH (12 credits for Undergraduates, 8 credits for Graduates, and 6 credits for Summer).

REGISTRATION AT YOUR OVERSEAS UNIVERSITY - Registration for courses at your overseas university typically takes place when you arrive, during the international student orientation. Some partner universities will ask you to fill out pre-registration forms before you arrive.

When your overseas courses transfer in, they will appear in MyUH on your Transfer Report. At that time, the MIX Placeholder Course will be removed.

down arrow Pre-Departure Orientation

ATTEND MIX PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION - There is a mandatory group orientation for all students going abroad on MIX. At orientation, we will cover your pre-departure responsibilities in detail, making sure that everyone is on track to go abroad. After that, a panel of Returnees will share their advice with you on a variety of important topics. Finally, you will have time to mingle with other students going abroad, based on geographic area.

The next Pre-Departure Orientation (for students going abroad in Summer and Fall 2014) is:

Friday, May 9, 2014, 1:00-4:00 PM.
BusAd A-101 (Shidler College)

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