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NHSS is organized into units which address different aspects of supporting student success: HSHK undergraduate programs academic advising, HSHK graduate programs support, community outreach and recruitment, academic and cultural enrichment, transition support, and research and evaluation.

Five of our staff are permanently funded through HSHK, which consists of one director, one academic advisor for Hawaiian Language, one academic advisor for Hawaiian Studies, one graduate programs support assistant, and one community outreach coordinator.  In addition, we have one administrative officer, whose position is temporarily funded through the HSHK Dean’s Office.  We also have five grant-supported staff, consisting of one research and evaluation coordinator, one grant program coordinator, one assistant grant program coordinator, one Bridge Programs coordinator, and one Kāko‘o coordinator.  The majority of our student staff, as well as our graduate research assistant positions, are funded through our grant.

As reflected in the composition of our NHSS staff, a significant part of our work in supporting Native Hawaiian student success is facilitated through extramural funds.  As such, we consistently assess student and program needs and, in turn, apply for extramural funds to sustain, modify, and grow our programs and services.

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