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In addition to our coursework, Kawaihuelani faculty also strive to develop and implement innovative, co-curricular learning activities that extend beyond the classroom setting to engage students in a wide range of domains of language use where they apply their knowledge of vocabulary, language structures, idiomatic expressions, and cultural norms in order to participate competently, appropriately, and in-depth in different linguistic and cultural contexts. We understand the importance of practical and authentic application of ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i, which is essential to the survival and perpetuation of Hawaiian as a living language.

  • Awaiāulu: Translation project of historical Hawaiian texts
  • Hui Aloha Āina Tuahine: Hawaiian language and culture club
  • Kahuewai: Hawaiian language panel discussion series showcasing interest areas and the works of Kawaihuelani faculty
  • Kauakūkalahale: Hawaiian language column in the Star Bulletin every Saturday
  • Ka Ulu HoiMonthly Hawaiian language newspaper produced mainly by students of UHM
  • Ka Waihona A Ke Aloha: Mele repository dedicated to showcasing and preserving Hawaiian music and video recordings and enhancing instruction through the incorporation of mele within the Hawaiian language classroom
  • Ka Hālau Hanakeaka: Hawaiian language and Hawaiian based theatrical productions
  • Ke Aolama: Daily written news report in Hawaiian, Monday through Friday
  • Keena Mānaleo: Native speaker discussion lab
  • Kīpuka Leo: Hawaiian language radio program dedicated to Hawaiian music on KTUH FM 90.3, Sundays 3:00-6:00pm
  • Mary Kawena Pukui Hale: Hawaiian language resource center for the promotion and survival of Hawaiian
  • MauiakamaSummer Hawaiian language immersion camp on Maui
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