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Open All Night: The politics of gathering, cooking and eating w/ Katie Kamelamela

A conversation with KATIE KAMELAMELA, former HWST and HAW student, BA Hawaiian Studies, and now a PhD candidate in Ethnobotany at the Univ. of Hawaiʻi, as well as an impromptu chat (aka podcast-bomb) with the awesome WALTER RITTE of Molokai. Katie speaks about her research on sustainable gathering practices (which often lead to cooking and eating with friends and family!) and how historical ethno-botony can help us better understand the relationship between people and place, between values and land use regulations––––and between our personal genealogy, intergenerational access to resources and the perpetuation of cultural practices. During our side conversation with Uncle Walter, we talk about NAʻI AUPUNI, the current (and highly questionable) national building process for Hawaiian independence, Hawaiian power brokers, commodification of cultural values like ALOHA, and of course Mauna Kea.

Courtesy of And still the waters rise by Nai‘a Ulumaimalu Lewis

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