Technical Report #164. Natividad Bailey, Cathleen S. February 2009. Seabird Inventory at Haleakalā National Park, Maui, Hawai`i

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We conducted presence or absence and distribution surveys for seabirds throughout Haleakalā National Park from April through August 2005. Results showed the presence of `Ua`u (Hawaiian Petrel, Pterodroma sandwichensis), Koa`e Kea (White-tailed Tropicbird, Phaethon lepturus dorotheae), `Iwa (Great Frigatebird, Fregata minor palmerstoni), and Noio (Hawaiian Noddy, Anous minutus melanogenys). Although `A`o (Newell's Shearwater, Puffinus auricularis newelli) was not detected during the survey, this species is often heard in Kīpahulu Valley. `Ake`ake (Band-rumped Storm-Petrel, Oceanodroma castro) were not detected during the surveys but are likely to occur in Haleakalā National Park.

Title page, table of contents, list of tables and figures

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Abstract, introduction and methods

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Results, discussion and recommendations

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Acknowledgements and literature cited

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Appendix: Checklist of seabirds at Haleakalā National Park

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