Technical Report # 142. Meadows, D., A.L. Kane, C. Mitchell and C. Ogura. December 2005. Hawaii's Statewide Aquatic
Wildlife Conservation Strategy

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ABSTRACT excerpt:

Hawaii’s Statewide Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Strategy (SAWCS) is a historic initiative that comprehensively reviews the status of the full range of the State’s aquatic species, over 1,000 of which are found nowhere else on earth. Hawaii’s SAWCS presents strategies for long-term conservation of these species and their habitats. The development of the SAWCS built upon Hawaii’s strong history of conservation and involved working with resource managers, biologists, and concerned individuals statewide. As a result, the SAWCS has a broad level of support, increasing the likelihood that the conservation strategies identified will be implemented by multiple partners as well as the Hawai‘i Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Title, Table of Contents, List of Acronyms

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Executive Summary

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Chapter 1: Purpose and Value

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Chapter 2: Strategy Development

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Chapter 3: State Overview, Threats, and Conservation Actions

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Chapter 4: Marine Conservation Needs

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Chapter 5: Freshwater and Achialine Conservation Needs

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Chapter 6: Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Conservation Needs

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Chapter 7: Species of Greatest Conservation Need

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Chapter 8: Monitoring, Implementation and Adaptive Management

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Appendix A: Glossary

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Chapter B: Aquatic Wildlife Species of Greatest Conservation Need

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