Technical Report # 137. Turner, K.E., R.J. Camp and T.K. Pratt. December 2006. Lowland bird inventory Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park

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This The objectives of this survey for lowland birds in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park
(HAVO) were to (1) document at least 90% of bird species present, (2) estimate relative
abundance and distribution of species, and (3) establish baseline information to use for
future monitoring in the park. Results were derived from both area search and line transect methodologies. Counts were conducted on 25 days between 14 April and 14 July 2005. Our diversity index indicates that the HAVO lowland bird assemblage is relatively diverse and comprised of 25 species, including nine natives and 16 non-natives. We observed more than 80% of the bird species expected to inhabit lowland areas of HAVO. Most species, including both native and non-natives, were relatively rare and were observed at only a few sites or transects. No federally listed endangered species were detected during our surveys. Extra search effort was given to detect the introduced Close-barred Francolin (Francolinus adspersus), but we conclude that the species, once found in the park, is no longer present. We documented the presence of two species new to HAVO, the Yellow-billed Cardinal (Paroaria capitata) and Yellow-fronted Canary (Serinus mozambicus). We make recommendations of sampling effort for future monitoring of the lowland bird community in HAVO.

Title page and table of contents

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Results, discussion, acknowledgements

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Literature Cited

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Appendix A: Examples of area search survey sites

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Appendix B: Characteristics of the 38 area search survey sites

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Appendix C: Examples of line transect survey sites

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Appendix D: Characteristics of the 84 line transects

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Appendix E: Description of data recorded for transects and bird observations

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Appendix F: List of species known to inhabit or regularly visit Hawaii Islands (Pyle 2002)

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Appendix G: Hawaii Amakihi mode parameters and density estimates calculated from line transect surveys

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Appendix H: Japanese White-eye model parameters and density estimates calculated from line transect surveys

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Appendix I: House Finch model parameters and density estimates calculated from line transect surveys

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Appendix J: Species comparison between previous surveys within HAVO boundaries, including rainforest

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