Technical Report # 136. O'Connor, P.J. and M.J. Rauzon. October 2004. Inventory and Monitoring of Seabirds in National Park of American Samoa

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ABSTRACT excerpt:
This first island-wide inventory and preliminary monitoring of American Samoa seabird populations has produced several significant results. The beginning of a seabird colony catalog has been established in a digital format. The protocol for surveying seabirds around Tutuila Island by boat is described, and future efforts can be compared to baseline results reported here. A detailed survey of the National Park lands around Tutuila is mapped and
photographed and seabird distributions found in the 2000 roundisland survey and 2003 partial-island survey are discussed. Our results support anecdotal evidence that the inaccessible north shore of Tutuila supports the majority of that islandís resident seabirds.
Greater than 90% of Red-footed Boobies and Great Frigatebird observations during the Tutuila round-island survey were made in NPSA areas. The north shore areas are important for coastal cliff nesters such as Brown, Black Noddies and Blue Noddies, a species of international significance. Bridled Terns are extending their pan tropical range to include Tutuila, including Park areas. White Terns and White-tailed Tropicbirds are more evenly distributed across forests in Tutuila within as well as outside NPSA areas.

Title page and table of contents

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Report summary

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Project introduction and description of methods

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Results and discussion

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Appendix A: Seabird accounts for American Samoa

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Appendix B: Tutuila and Aunu'u Islands, Round Island Survey Maps

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Appendix C: Tahiti Petrel voice analysis

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Appendix D: Ectoparasites from Tahiti Petrel on Ta'u

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Appendix E: Radar survey techniques employed at Channel Islands National Park

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Appendix F: Establishing a water collection system and base camp on Mt. Lata

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Appendix G: Status of the Spotless Crake in American Samoa

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Appendix H: Coastal seabird colony maps for American Samoa

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Appendix I: Brief video clips from summit of Mt. Lata

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