PCSU Safety Management Program

Video presentations

How to download and view files. Note, links to programs are for Windows Platforms only, for Macintosh please search for substitutions on the Web. Files are "avi" files and can be played using windows media player with a DivX codec installed or using a DivX player.

To download the avi video files, right-click with your mouse on the button and "save target as..." to your computer. After file is done downloading, launch from your desktop. If you choose to launch from your browser, remember the files are large and will take some time to load. This may lead to intermitted gaps in the video stream.

If you encounter problems viewing the files properly. If your windows media player is up-to-date and only the sound, not the video plays, you may be missing the required codec. To install the DivX codec please click here. If you do not have windows media player and your computer cannot open the video files, you will need to install a DivX video player. Click here to install a player.

If you continue to encounter problems after following these instructions, please contact: Stephanie M. Joe.

VIDEO: Wildland walking techniques. Length: 22 min. Describes safe ways to hike over rough terrain.

357 MB

VIDEO: Pesticide safety in the nursery and landscape. CropLife Foundation, Washington DC. This is a 10 part series approved by the U.S. EPA for Worker Protection Standard: Handler, Early-Entry and Worker training. Click here to download a companion workbook (PDF).

PART 1: Pesticide storage. Length: 6 min., 1 sec.

86 MB

PART 2: Personal protective equipment. Length: 6 min., 44 sec.

96 MB

PART 3: Food and bathroom breaks. Length: 2 min., 2 sec.

28 MB

PART 4: Accidental exposure. Length: 3 min., 12 sec.

68 MB

PART 5: Mixing and loading pesticides. Length: 6 min., 1 sec.

45 MB

PART 6: Handling spills. Length: 4 min., 26 sec.

62 MB

PART 7: Transporting pesticides. Length: 3 min., 1 sec.

43 MB

PART 8: Contamination. Length: 2 min., 54 sec.

41 MB

PART 9: The environment. Length: 1 min., 51 sec.

26 MB

PART 10: Unsafe practices. Length: 3 min., 57 sec.

56 MB

 Last updated 5/12/2015