PCSU Safety Management Program


A message from the Director:

"PCSU is in the process of posting All the safety protocols of ALL the projects. We are also posting on the PCSU web page a set of generic protocols which projects should follow if they don't have their own relevant one. Finally we have already posted the Oahu Army Natural Resource protocols which represent the gold standard. Bottom line is that if a project is engaged in a particular activity, it should have a safety protocol." David Duffy

In order to ensure the safety of its employees as well as reduce workplace accidents, PCSU has developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). They are posted below. Click here to view the contents of the Oahu Army Natural and Cultural Resource Management Safety Program Manual.

Click here to view associated safety videos

To download the complete Oahu Army Natural and Cultural Resource Management Safety Program Manual (minus personal phone numbers) as a single document click this button.

To access individual SOPs use the buttons below.

PCSU Standard Operating Procedure Guidelines for Field Operations

Chemical Hygiene Plan (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Considerations and Procedures for Safe Hiking

Generic Contents in Basic First Aid, Basic Tool, & Tire Repair Kits

SOP for Fieldwork Safety

SOP for Safe Use of Power Tools

SOP for Chainsaw Use

SOP for Safe Use of the Weed Trimmers

SOP for Personnel Protective Equipment

SOP for Lockout-Tagout Procedures

SOP for Body Mechanics

SOP for Work Space Ergonomics

SOP for Firearms

SOP for Pepper Spray

Maui Invasive Species Committee Accident reporting checklist

Last update: Nov. 08 2016