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Issued by the Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI

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Current forms are posted here as PDF files. Fax (808) 956-4710 or e-mail purchasing, reimbursement and travel forms to Dana Fukata  (808-956-7453). Human resources forms should be sent to Jeanne Hiroshige (808-956-2278) or Michelle Miyata (808-956-9512).

Human Resources

For injuries on the job: Supervisor's Report of Industrial Injury and Employee Consent Form (please notify PCSU within 24 hours)

732 KB

2015 Performance Evaluation (Short Form)

84 KB

2015 Performance Evaluation (Long Form)

  112 KB

Family Leave Request Form

164 KB

Job Physical Analysis Form

  466 KB

Telephone Reference Check

  13 KB

Interview Comment Sheet

  13 KB

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Company/Project Property &
Financial Obligation Form

49 KB

Timesheet deadlines: PCSU's deadlines differ from those of RCUH. Please download (right) and follow these deadlines for 2015 to ensure timely payment

21 KB


Purchase Order Requisition

127 KB

Record of Verbal Quotations

16 KB

Request for Quotation

10 KB


Mileage Rates & Taxability (as of Jan. 2016): 54 cents per mile (business); 19 cents (moving)

Missing original receipt certification form

Reimbursement for Cash Purchases

25 KB

Personal Automobile Mileage Voucher

  175 KB

Petty Cash Summary Sheet

107 KB


Travel Request Form

33 KB

Authorization for Inter-island/Intra-island Travel with No Per Diem Advanced

58 KB

Authorization for Out-of-state Travel (this information required 4 weeks prior to trip for on line processing/submittal)

59 KB

Inter-island Travel with Per Diem Advanced for Employees for 4 or More Days (this information required ~3 weeks prior to trip for on line processing/submittal)

85 KB

Travel Completion Checklist

(this information required for on line processing/submittal)

59 KB

Travel Completion Form

43 KB


Automobile Loss Notice (please notify PCSU within 24 hours)

52 KB

University of Hawaii WH-1 Statement of Citizenship and Federal Tax Status

150 KB

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