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About this webpage: Available here are files pertaining to the moss Sphagnum palustre. These were produced by PCSU, under contract with the U.S. Army Garrison Hawai`i for the Island of O`ahu. Files appear in chronological order.

Maps to sensitive rare resources have been removed from these documents


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Beilman, D.,  S. Joe, O. Schubert and M. McCain. Poster Presentation. July 2014. Growth and ecological impacts of an invasive bryophyte in Hawaii: the strange tale of Sphagnum palustre. International Conference on Island Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation (ICIE)

ICIE 2014

Hardman, A., S.M. Joe, J. Beachy, G. Schuerger, K. Welch and C. Ventresca. Oral Presentation. July 2013. Attack of the Clone: Humans Rally to Protect Ka'ala from an Invasive Moss.  21st Annual Hawai'i Conservation Conference (HCC)

HCC 2013

Joe, S. Poster Presentation. July 2010. Poster Presentation. Efforts to Eradicate Invasive Sphagnum Moss from a Hawaiian Bog. 18th Annual Hawai'i Conservation Conference (HCC)

HCC 2010

Joe, S. November 2010 Status Report for the Makua and Oahu Implementation Plans. Chapter 7.4: A test of the long term efficacy of SGMK to prevent Sphagnum palustre regrowth

2010 Status Report

Abbot, L. 2010. Appendix 1-4: Sphagnum Control Plan for Kaala MU

2010 Status Report

Joe, S. November 2009 Status Report For the Makua and Oahu Implementation Plans. Chapter 6.3 Sphagnum palustre impacts and control

2009 Status Report

Joe, S. 2009. Chapter 6.4 Sphagnum palustre sensitivity to SGMK laboratory results

2009 Status Report

Joe, S., L. Tanaka, S. Ching-Harbin, J. Beachy and K. Wong. Poster. July 2009.  Smothered in Sphagnum: Managing Moss at Ka'ala. 17th Annual Hawai'i Conservation Conference (HCC)

HCC 2009

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