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The O`ahu Army Natural Resource Program (OANRP),

Ph: (808) 656-7641 (East Base Office) or  655-9175 (West Base Office) 656-7741 (outreach) 656-8341 Fax: (808) 656-7471. Building 1595, 413 O‘ahu Street Schofield Barracks, HI 96857

Job description



We are looking for an Ungulate Control Program Technician. MONTHLY SALARY RANGE: $2,576-$5,319/Mon. To apply click here and you will be rerouted to the RCUH application website.

Matthew Burt (808) 294-4196 (Oahu)

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We're now accepting applications for our summer internships! Internship info and a link to the application is available online at www.oanrp.com/summer-internships

OANRP Outreach (808) 655-7741 (Oahu)

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Last updated 2/22/2017