Courses I Teach

In addition to these courses, I am also happy to supervise directed readings for undergraduates or to set up undergraduate research internships (easiest in summer) with the agencies I work with - IF you start this process early enough (February is a good time)

Botany 350: Resource Management

This course is sort of an owner's manual for the environment of the State of Hawaii.  I try to provide information on a wide range of natural resource issues and to provide tools in terms of conservation biology with which to understand them.  I try to provide multiple points of view, recognizing that there are usually several valid sides to an environmental issue and that they can't be resolved until we understand the other side.  The course also looks at other islands in the Pacific and how they have dealt with their environmental issues. The course has a midterm, a written project, two field trips and a class final for which we give you potential questions early in the term. The questions are answered by pulling together what you learn in class.