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HPI-CESU Projects: U.S. Geological Survey

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Below, is a list of HPI-CESU projects funded by funded by the U.S. Geological Survey. For more information regarding specific projects please contact Kate Bryant-Greenwood. For questions or comments regarding the webpage, please contact Stephanie M. Joe.

About us: While the U.S. Geological Survey in its entirety is a member of the HPI CESU, its Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center has a strong presence in the Pacific. PIERC provides scientific understanding and technologies needed to support and implement sound management and conservation of our Nation's biological resources occurring in Hawai'i and other Pacific island locations. To do this, we work with managers, other scientists and stakeholders to design and implement research projects that will provide reliable and relevant information. PIERC has worked with the HPI CESU to collaboratively fund research in support of PIERC’s mission and stakeholder needs.

PIERC, HPI-CESU representative: Gordon Tribble, (808) 587-2405


Project Title



Website Development for the Hawaii-Pacific Islands CESU

8/17/09 - 9/30/10

Dr. David Duffy

CESU Planning Support: Hawaii-Pacific Islands CESU

4/01/10 - 6/30/13

Janel Pang

Last update 10/4/2013