Impact of Alien Slugs on Native Plant Seedlings in a Diverse Mesic Forest, Oahu, Hawaii, and a study of Slug Food Plant Preferences.

Stephanie Marie Joe, 2006 M.S. Thesis, Botany Department, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Title page, acknowledgements, table of contents

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Chapter 1: Introduction and discussion of hypotheses

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Chapter 1 Tables: Table 1.1. Gastropod families containing slugs, Table 1.2. Slugs in Hawaii and year of first record, Table 1.3. List of plant species threatened by slugs

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Chapter 2: Palatability of five native plant species to five alien slug species

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Chapter 2 Tables: 2.1. Acceptability Index scores (AI) for 25 slug-plant species pairs, 2.2. ANOVA using AI scores from 25 slug-plant species pairs, 2.3. Secondary plant compounds repellent to slugs.

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Chapter 2 Figures: 2.1. Slug collection sites, 2.2. Percent of slugs feeding, 2.3. Mean AI scores for plant species, 2.4. Distribution of AI scores, 2.5. Boxplot showing weight distribution of slug species

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Chapter 3: Impact of alien slugs on native plant seedlings in a diverse mesic forest, Oahu Hawaii

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Chapter 3 Tables: 3.1. Seedling height, 3.2. Two-way ANOVA of seedling survival by treatment, 3.3. Number and identity of natural seedlings by treatment

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Chapter 3 Figures: 3.1. Map of field site, 3.2 Plant growth by treatment, 3.3. Change in the number of leaves by treatment, 3.4. Average damage per leaf per plant by treatment, 3.5. Survival by treatment, 3.6 Seedling survival over time by treatment 3.7. Counts of slugs over time

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Appendix A: Plant growth by slug herbivory treatment over time for five plant species

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Appendix B: Leaf flush by slug herbivory treatment over time for five plant species

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Chapter C: Damage to leaves by slug herbivory treatment over time for five plant species

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Literature Cited

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