OANRP Staff. Contributions to the 20th Annual Hawai'i Conservation Conference.

What Difference does 20 Years Make?
Reflections on Change, Innovation, and the Work that Remains. July 31-August 2, 2012. Convention Center, Honolulu, HI

Kawelo, K. Sometimes It Takes an Army: The O'ahu Army Natural Resource Program, Seventeen Years of Native Habitat and Endangered Species Adaptive Conservation

Burt, M. and S. Luafalemana. Oral Presentation. Drawing Battle Lines: Evolving Defensive Strategies in the Continuing War on Feral


Beachy, J. Oral Presentation. Taking Aim at Invasive Weed Targets: Highlights From Ten Years of O'ahu Army Natural Resources Program Control Efforts

Rohrer, J. and K. Franklin. Oral Presentation. The O'ahu Army Natural Resources Adaptive Rat Control Program - Fighting the
Never-Ending Battle

Keir, M. and L. Weisenberger. Oral Presentation. Endangered Plant Conservation Efforts on O'ahu, Hawai'i: Stability in the Pacific Rim

Sailer, D. and V. Costello. Oral Presentation. Oahu Army Natural Resource Program Kāhuli Conservation: Tactical innovations, morale shaking setbacks & uncertain victory

Taylor, P. Battles Won in the War to Save an Endangered Hawaiian Flycatcher

Holland, B., V. Costello and S. Joe. Oral Presentation. Stabilization of Rare O'ahu Snail Populations Using Predator Exclusion Structures