OANRP Staff. Contributions to the 17th Annual Hawai'i Conservation Conference.

 Hawaii in a Changing Climate. July 28-30, 2009. Convention Center, Honolulu, HI.

Joe, S., L. Tanaka, S. Ching-Harbin, J. Beachy and K. Wong. Poster. Smothered in Sphagnum: Managing Moss at Ka'ala

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Swift, C., M. Mansker, J. Kozak, K. Welch, C. Russo, C. Martin, K. Foote and P. Chee. A Review and Update of the Multi-Agency Program to Support the Use of Rodenticides in Hawai'i for Conservation Purposes

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Whitelaw, A., A. Hurt, K. Kawelo, S. Joe and V. Costello. Poster. Using Detector Dogs to find Euglandina rosea

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