OANRP Staff. Contributions to the 16th Annual Hawai'i Conservation Conference.

Island Ecosystems: Year of the Reef. July 29-31, 2008. Convention Center, Honolulu, HI.


Keir, M. Presentation. The Statewide Rare Plant Database: The Future of Data Management


Mosher, S.M., J.L. Rohrer and D. Peters. Presentation. Predator Control Techniques from Mainland Islands in New Zealand: Trapping, Baiting, and Predator-Proof Fencing


Rohrer, J.L., S.M. Mosher, D. Peters, L. Wilson and S. Gebert. Presentation. Feral Ungulate Control Techniques and Strategies from New Zealand: Using Local Contract Hunters for Conservation


Weisenberger, L., A. Bakutis, S. Ching-Harbin and M. Keir. Presentation. Pollination Efforts for Hesperomannia arbuscula: an Inter-agency Achievement in Rare Plant Collection


Russo, C. and K. Welch. Poster. Restoring the Ka'ala Summit: Volunteers Valued for Their Time and More

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Ching, S. and K. Kawelo. Poster. Demographic Analysis of the Endangered Plant Sanicula mariversa

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