2018 Status Report for the Makua and Oahu Implementation Plans. October 2018

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Prepared by: Oahu Army Natural Resource Program U.S. Army Garrison, Hawaii and Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit Schofield Barracks, HI 96857. Click here to view a list of contributors.

Executive summary excerpt: The Army natural resource program on Oahu (OANRP) has nearly 60 personnel on staff, comprised of management and administrative support staff, an ecosystem restoration crew, an ungulate management crew, three resource management crews, and a plant nursery/seed bank crew. Most of these staff are employed via a cooperative agreement funded by the U.S. Army Garrison, Hawaii through the Office of the Vice President for Innovation and Research (OVPRI), Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR) and administered by the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii-Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit (PCSU). Staff levels in Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 were slightly up from FY 2017. For FY 2018, OANRP received a total of $5,872,155 to implement Makua Implementation Plan (MIP) projects and Tier 1 projects from the Oahu Implementation Plan (OIP). This included funding for ongoing research initiatives, contracted snail predator fence construction projects, plant propagation services, ongoing rat control services and document preparation. As in FY 2017, for FY 2018, OANRP did not receive funding for OIP Tier 2 and Tier 3 projects as there was no training conducted that could impact the species at the Tier 2 and 3 levels, as specified in the 2003 Oahu Biological Opinion.
    This status report (report) serves as the annual report for participating landowners, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and the Implementation Team (IT) overseeing the MIP and OIP. The period covered in this report is July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. This report covers Year 14 of the MIP and Year 11 of the OIP.

Cover Page, List of Contributors, Executive Summary, Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Ungulate Management

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Chapter 2: Environmental Outreach

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Chapter 3: Ecosystem Management

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Chapter 4: Rare Plant Management

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Chapter 5: Achatinella mustelina Management

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Chapter 6: Rare Vertebrate Management

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Chapter 7: Drosophila Species Management

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Chapter 8: Rodent Management

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Chapter 9: Alien Invertebrate Control Program

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Appendix ES-1 Spelling of Hawaiian Names

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Appendix ES-2 Tutorial: Operating the OANRP Database

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Appendix ES-3 Schofield Barracks FWS Memorandum

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Appendix ES-4 Keaau-Makaha Fire Memorandum for Record August 2018

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Appendix ES-5 Kahuku Training Area Fires Memorandum for Record

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Appendix ES-6 Testing the effects of inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi... in Phyllostegia kaalaensis plants

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Appendix ES-7 Quantifying the effects of an invasive thief ant on the reproductive success of rare Hawaiian picture-winged flies

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Appendix ES-8 Microhabitat heterogeneity and a non-native avian frugivore...Cyrtandra dentata

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Appendix ES-9 Introduced game birds as seed dispersers in Hawaiian forests

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Appendix ES-10 Artificially Induced Frugivory by Birds

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Appendix 3-1 Pahole Ecosystem Restoration MU Plan

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Appendix 3-2 Manuwai Ecosystem Restoration MU Plan

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Appendix 3-3 Opaeula Lower Ecosystem Restoration MU Plan

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Appendix 3-4 Kaluaa and Waieli Ecosystem Restoration MU Plan

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Appendix 3-5 OISC Annual Chromolaena Report 20170813

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Appendix 3-6 OISC 6-mo Chromolaena Report 20180606

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Appendix 3-7 Informal Herbicide Control Trial

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Appendix 3-8 Vegetation Monitoring Kahanahaiki MU

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Appendix 3-9 Kapuna MU Vegetation Monitoring

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Appendix 3-10 Palikea MU Vegetation Monitoring

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Appendix 3-11 IOBC - Biological Control of Chromolaena

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Appendix 3-12 IOBC - Differences between AWA and SA Chromolaena

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Appendix 4-1 Taxon Status Summary

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Appendix 4-2 Schiedea nuttallii 5-Year Plan

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Appendix 4-3 Schiedea obovata 5-Year Plan

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Appendix 4-4 Threat Control Summary

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Appendix 4-5 Genetic Storage Summary

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Appendix 4-6 Updated recollection intervals

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Appendix 5-1 Management plan for initial release of excess ESU-E lab snails

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Appendix 5-2 Three-Points Enclosure Restoration Plan

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Appendix 6-1 OANRP Hawaiian Hoary Bat Thermal IR Monitoring

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Appendix 6-2 TSECS Hawaiian Hoary Bat Thermal IR Monitoring

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Appendix 8-1 Protecting Elepaio Using Rodenticide

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Appendix 8-2 Assessment of an aerial-broadcast bait trial to control rats in the Waianae Mountains

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Appendix 8-3 Experimental Protocol for ContraPest Trial in Forest Areas

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