2014 Status Report for the Makua and Oahu Implementation Plans. December 2014

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Prepared by: Oahu Army Natural Resource Program U.S. Army Garrison, Hawaii and Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit Schofield Barracks, HI 96857. Click here to view a list of contributors.

Maps to sensitive rare resources have been removed from these documents. If you need access to an unedited version of any report on this site, please Email: sjoe@hawaii.edu

Executive summary excerpt:

The Oahu Army Natural Resources Program (OANRP) has 60 personnel on staff, comprised of support staff, a fence crew, three resource management crews, and a nursery/seed bank management crew. Most of these staff are employed via a Cooperative Agreement funded by the Army through the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR) and administered by the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii-Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit. Staff levels in Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 were similar to those in FY 2013, though there has been staff turnover, and replacement hiring is ongoing for several vacant positions. During this reporting period, OANRP hired a five-person rotating Ecosystem Restoration Crew to focus on invasive plant control and management unit restoration. For FY 2014, OANRP received a total of $6,562,500 to implement both the Makua and Oahu Implementation Plans. This included funding to increase support for the Chromolaena odoratum control efforts, conduct bat surveys of all Army installations on Oahu, and to continue important Implementation Plan essential research. In FY 2014, OANRP did not receive funding for OIP Tier 2 and Tier 3 projects as there was no training conducted that could impact the species at the Tier 2 and 3 levels, as specified in the 2003 Oahu Biological Opinion.

This status report (report) serves as the annual report for participating landowners, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and the Implementation Team (IT) overseeing the Makua Implementation Plan (MIP) and Oahu Implementation Plan (OIP). The period covered in this report is October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014 and covers Year 10 of the MIP and Year 7 of the OIP. Hawaiian diacriticals are not used in this document except in some appendices in order to simplify formatting. Please refer to Appendix ES-1, Spelling of Hawaiian Names.

Cover Page, List of Contributors, Executive Summary, Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Ecosystem Management

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Chapter 2: Five Year Rare Plant Plans

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Chapter 3: Achatinella Species Management

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Chapter 4: Rare Vertebrate Management

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Chapter 5: Drosophila Species Management

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Chapter 6: Rodent Management

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Chapter 7: Invertebrate Control Program

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Appendix ES-1 Spelling of Hawaiian Names

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Appendix ES-2 2013 Army Propagation Database Tutorial

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Appendix ES-3 Washrack Utilization Policy to Control Invasive Species Signed Policy memo 2014

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Appendix ES-4 Landscaping With Native Plants Policy Memo USAG-HI-63, 7 Jan 14

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Appendix ES-5 Assessment of Vegetation Response to Ungulate Removal

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Appendix ES-6 Makaha Valley Vegetation Mapping Analysis 2013-2014 update

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Appendix ES-7 Schofield Kaukonahua Fire Report

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Appendix ES-8 FWS Fire Break Memos

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Appendix ES-9 HTSCL Annual Report 2014

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Appendix ES-10 Molecular Assessment of Wild Achatinella mustelina Diet

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Appendix ES-11 Chemical and Biological Control of Phyllostegia Pathogens in Hawaii

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Appendix ES-12-1 Activity Report Bialic-Murphy 2014-2015

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Appendix ES-12-2 PhD Proposal Lalasia Bialic-Murphy

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Appendix ES-13 Assessment of Effects of Rodent Removal on Arthropods

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Appendix 1-1-1 Lower Opaeula Ecosystem Restoration Management Plan YER 2014

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Appendix 1-1-2 Opaeula Ecosystem Restoration Management Plan YER 2014

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Appendix 1-1-3 Palikea Ecosystem Restoration Management Plan YER 2014

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Appendix 1-2 Environmental Outreach YER 2014

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Appendix 1-3-1 OISC Chrodo Control Effort FY14 Annual Report

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Appendix 1-3-2 Vegetation Monitoring at Palikea MU 2014

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Appendix 1-3-3 Snail Enclosure Revegetation Summaries YER 2014

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Appendix 4-1 Seasonal Acoustic Monitoring Study on Oahu Army Installations 2010-2014 C. Pinzari USGS 2014

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