2012 Status Report for the Makua and Oahu Implementation Plans. December 2012

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Prepared by: Oahu Army Natural Resource Program U.S. Army Garrison, Hawaii and Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit Schofield Barracks, HI 96857. Click here to view a list of contributors.

Maps to sensitive rare resources have been removed from these documents. If you need access to an unedited version of any report on this site, please Email: sjoe@hawaii.edu

Executive summary excerpt:

The Oahu Army Natural Resources Program (OANRP) has 60 personnel on staff, comprised of support staff, a fence crew, three resource management crews, and a nursery /seed bank management crew. Most of these Staff are hired via a cooperating group funded by the Army through the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR) and administered by the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii-Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit. Staff levels in Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 were similar to those in FY2011, though there has been staff turnover and replacement hiring is ongoing for several vacant positions. Funding increased in FY2012 with OANRP receiving $3.21 million for the Makua Implementation Plan (MIP) and $2.84 million for Oahu Implementation Plan (OIP), a 14% increase over FY11 funding (OIP: $2.35M, MIP: $2.94M). In FY 2012, OANRP did not receive funding for OIP Tier 2 and Tier 3 projects and continued to not impact species at the Tier 2 and 3 levels as specified in the 2003 Oahu Biological Opinion.

This status report (report) serves as the annual report for participating landowners, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and the Implementation Team (IT) overseeing the MIP and OIP. The reporting period for this report is October 1, 2011, to September 30, 2012 and covers Year 8 of the MIP and Year 5 of the OIP. This year, OANRP produced some preliminary cost figures for actual expenditures by program area and presented the data at the 2012 Hawaii Conservation Conference. Conference contributions can be found at http://manoa.hawaii.edu/hpicesu/DPW/HCC-2012/default.htm. In the near future, the cost basis for the MIP and OIP needs to be revisited to ensure that OANRP budget requests are adequate. Hawaiian diacriticals are not used in this document except in some appendices in order to simplify formatting. Please refer to Appendix ES-1, Spelling of Hawaiian Names.

Cover Page, List of Contributors, Executive Summary, Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Ecosystem Management

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Chapter 2: Five Year Rare Plant Plans

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Chapter 3: Achatinella Species Management

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Chapter 4: Oahu Elepiao

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Chapter 5: Opeapea (Hawaiian Hoary Bat)

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Chapter 6: Rodent Control Program

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Chapter 7: Invertebrate Control Program

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Appendix ES-1 Spelling of Hawaiian Names

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Appendix ES-2 Operating the Army Propagation Database

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Appendix ES-3 Keaau Fire Report

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Appendix ES-4 Waianae Kai Fire Report June 2012

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Appendix ES-5 Waianae Kai Fire Report July 2012

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Appendix ES-6 Population genetics of Schiedea Species of Conservation Concern on U.S. Army Lands Oahu

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Appendix ES-7 Large-scale rodent control reduces pre- and post-dispersal seed predation of the endangered Hawaiian lobeliad, Cyanea superba subsp. superba (Campanulaceae)

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Appendix ES-8 Snail Invasion Detection Protocol

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Appendix ES-9 Final Report: Assessment of the current distribution and abundance of Oxychilus alliarius on Oahu, Hawaii

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Appendix ES-10 Captive propagation of endangered tree snails and ongoing threat assessment of Jackson’s chameleons, as well as other invasive species on Oahu

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Appendix ES-11 Alien Snail Control in Nurseries

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Appendix ES-12. Assessment of Effects of Rodent Removal on Arthropods

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Appendix 1-1 Environmental Outreach 2012

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Appendix 1-2 USACE Invasive Plant ID on Army Lands, Base Year 2011-2012

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Appendix 1-3 Practitioners Guide for Effective Non Restricted Herbicide Techniques to Control and Suppress Invasive Woody Species in Hawaii

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Appendix 3-1 2012-2013 Funding Request for Hawaiian Tree Snail Conservation Lab

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Appendix 3-2 Restoration Action Plan

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Appendix 3-3 Captive-release of the Oahu tree snail, Achatinella mustelina, into a Waianae Mountain snail enclosure and post-release shell monitoring

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Appendix 3-4 Euglandina rosea Control Plan at the Puu Hapapa enclosure

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Appendix 3-5 Snail Fence InteleCell Deployment Guide

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Appendix 3-6 Achatinella mustelina monitoring timed count

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Appendix 3-7 Pu'u Hapapa Snail Enclosure Restoration Plan Addendum

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Appendix 6-1 Goodnature® A24 Automatic Rat Trap Study Proposal

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