November 2007 Status Reports for the Mākua Implementation Plan and the Draft O'ahu Implementation Plan.

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Prepared by: United States Army Garrison, Hawai'i Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division Schofield Barracks, Hawai'i 96857.

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Executive summary excerpt:

The Mākua Implementation Plan (MIP) was finalized in May 2003. In January 2005, the Army
completed an Addendum which emphasized management of three population units (PUs) per
plant taxon in the most intact habitat. Over the past two years, management has been based on the priority actions set forth in this Addendum. This report serves as the annual status report to the Mākua Implementation Team (MIT), and participating landowners on the MIP Year-3 actions that have occurred between 1 September 2006 and 31 August 2007.

Title Page, List of Contributors, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, List of Tables & Figures

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Chapter 1 Ecosystem Management

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Chapter 2.1.0: Rare Plant Stabilization Plan Status

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Chapter 3.1: Achatinella mustelina Management

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Chapter 4.1: MIP 'Elepaio Management

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Chapter 5: Research Activities

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Appendix I: Puaakanoa Fire Report

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Appendix II: Fire Report

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Appendix III: Ka'ena Fire Report

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Appendix 1-1: Taxa Abbreviations

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Appendix 3-1: Snail Form

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Appendix 3-2: Rare snail reintro guidelines

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Appendix 3-3: Euglandina exclosure project

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Appendix 3-4: Year 2: Microhabitat utilization, population size estimates, and possible control of the introduced predatory snail Euglandina rosea on O'ahu, Hawai'i

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Appendix 3-5: Effects of alien rodents on Hawaiian mesic forest

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Appendix 5-1: Drosophila collecting techniques 

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Appendix IV: Literature cited

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