September 2005 Status Update Mākua Military Implementation Plan

Beachy, J.R., M.D. Burt, S. Cato, S. Ching-Harbin,V. Costello, D. Foreman, J. Gustine,  S.M. Joe, H.K. Kawelo, M.J. Keir, S. Mosher, M. Mansker, L. Obra, D. Palumbo, J.L. Rohrer, R. Romualdo, L. Salbosa, D. Souza, M. Walker, W. Weaver, L. Weisenberger, C. Winger and B.K. Wong

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Executive summary excerpt: The Makua Implementation Plan (MIP) was finalized in May 2003. In January 2005, the Army submitted an Addendum which emphasized management of three population units (PUs) per plant taxon. In the last year, management has been initiated based on the priority actions put forth in this Addendum. This report serves as the annual status report to the Makua Implementation Team (MIT), and participating landowners on the MIP actions that have occurred between September 1, 2004 and August 31, 2005.

Contributors, Table of Contents, Executive Summary

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Chapter 1: Feral Ungulate Management

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Chapter 2: Weed Management

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Chapter 3: Rare Plant Stabilization Status

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Chapter 4: Achatinella mustelina Management

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Chapter 5: 'Elepaio Management

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Chapter 6: Oahu Implementation Plan Status Update 2005

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