August 2004 Year End Report U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii, Oahu Training Areas, Natural Resource Management

Beachy, J.R., M.D. Burt, S. Cato, V. Costello, L.L.Z. Durand, J. Gustine, S. Ching-Harbin, M.J. Keir, S. Mosher, D. Palumbo, J.L. Rohrer, L. Salbosa, D. Souza, M. Walker, W. Weaver, C. Winger and B.K. Wong

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Executive summary excerpt: TheThe Natural Resources Staff (NRS), employed by the Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit, University of Hawai`i (PCSU), are charged with managing rare plants and animals and the ecosystems upon which they depend in O`ahu Army training areas. NRS work under the following contracts: Scope of Work for Ecosystem Management Activities at Various Training Areas, Island of O`ahu; and Scope of Work for Biological Stabilization Actions 3, Mākua Military Reservation, Island of O`ahu. O`ahu training areas include Mākua Military Reservation, Schofield Barracks Military Reservation, Kawailoa Training Area, Kahuku Training Area and Dillingham Military Reservation. A total of 71 endangered species, 58 plants species and 13 animals species, have been reported from O`ahu Army Training Areas since 1982. O`ahu training areas encompass 46,000 acres and range from healthy intact native forests to completely alien dominated areas. NRS implement ecosystem and single-species level management actions, which include weed, rat, ungulate, and invertebrate control, as well as rare species surveying, monitoring, collection and reintroduction.

Contributors, executive summary and table of contents, introduction

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Chapter 1: Ungulate management

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Chapter 2: Weed Management

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Chapter 3: Rare Plants

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Chapter 4: Rare Vertebrates

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Chapter 5: Rare invertebrates

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Appendix 1- Ungulate Data Sheets

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Appendix 2a- Weed Plot Methodology and Data Sheets

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Appendix 2b- Weed Survey Form

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Appendix 3- Hawaii Rare Plant Restoration Group Rare Plant Field Data

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Appendix 4- Rat Monitoring Form

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Appendix 5- Rare Snail Observation Form

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Appendix 7- Keawaula Post Fire Survey

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