August 2003 Year End Report U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii, Oahu Training Areas, Natural Resource Management

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Arcand, N., J.R. Beachy, M.D. Burt, V. Costello, L.L.Z. Durand, M.J. Keir, S. Mosher, D. Palumbo, J.L. Rohrer, L. Salbosa, D. Souza

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Executive summary excerpt: The purpose of this document is to provide an overview ofthe actions accomplished to date under the Scopes of Work between PCSU and the Army, listed above. This report also serves as a time for NRS to critically analyze management approaches and efforts and to make recommendations for next year's work. Also included is a schedule of actions for the up-coming year.

Title Page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, List of Appendices, List of Tables and List of Figures

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Chapter 1: Feral Ungulate Management

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Chapter 2: Weed Management

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Chapter 3: Rare Plant Management

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Chapter 4: Rare Vertebrate Management

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Chapter 5: Invertebrate Management

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Literature Cited

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