Executive Board Positions


The president shall present effective communication skills with other group members, create an inclusive environment, initiate and run weekly RHA meetings, oversee the responsibilities of other board and general members, send emails to members regarding RHA information and meetings, create meeting agenda, lead the group by example and create tasks and responsibilities, work closely with the adviser(s) of RHA to make sure that all tasks are complete, and serve as a primary representative of RHA.

Vice President

The Vice President shall schedule and implement residential life events while working with other RHA members, fill in for the President if he/she us unable to attend meetings, create committees, chairperson for events and programs, program sign-in sheets for each event, evaluation of programs at the next meeting, lead the group by example, and create tasks and responsibilities.


The Secretary shall keep all records of RHA; update the contact list, distribute weekly minutes to all members, which includes the general members, executive council, and staff advisor(s).  He/she will loosely monitor and follow up on member attendance.  The Treasurer shall keep track of finances alongside the RHA advisor(s).

Historian/Public Relations

The Historian/Public Relations shall document RHA events by taking pictures at events, keep a calendar of events for organization history, work with other community councils and residential life programs, and compile a year report at the close of the academic year with the summary of events and participation.


The Webmaster shall create a website which includes but is not limited to: updates, events,. photos. discussion board, directory for campus resources, create elections page, information about RHA, and links to social networking webpages.  The Webmaster will also create a social networking facebook page to promote RHA events and campus resources, coordinate with the historian for photos, create a monthly newsletter of events and residential life, and must submit a portfolio of work for this position.


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