ResNet Frequently Asked Questions

What is ResNet?
ResNet is the University of Hawaii's Student Housing Residential Network.  It provides students living in the Residence Halls with a high-speed connection to the Internet.

Are ResNet services just for UH Student Housing Residents?
Because ResNet is a part of Student Housing, is paid for by Housing residents, and is physically located within the UH Student Housing buildings, ResNet services are provided exclusively for students living in the Residence Halls.

How can I contact ResNet?
You may contact ResNet through several different methods. Our e-mail address is, and our phone number is (808) 956-6800.  Feel free to ask us whatever questions you can't find answers to on our web site.  You are also welcome to stop by our offices located across Hale Aloha-Mokihana's entrance at any time Monday thru Friday (except holidays), between 9:00am and 5:00pm. You may want to call ahead before stopping by to make sure the appropriate staff is on hand to answer your questions. 

Where is the ResNet office?
You can find the ResNet Offices across Hale Aloha-Mokihana's entrance.

resnet office map

Do I have to bring a computer to campus?
Students are not required to bring their own computer to campus. There are many campus computing labs available throughout the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus. All students will have access to computing resources regardless of whether or not they have brought one with them.

Is my current computer able to connect to ResNet?
ResNet supports a wide variety of systems, and most computers should work fine with our network as long as they have the necessary equipment to provide a network connection (e.g. Network Card and Network Cable). Residents in halls with UH wirless access can connect wirelessly if their device has a 802.11b,g, or n wireless connectivity.

What is ResNet's position on peer-to-peer file sharing programs such as Tixati, uTorrent, Vuze, Frostwire, etc?
ResNet does not condone the use of University of Hawaii network connections to violate copyright laws. The unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted materials is in direct violation of UH ITS Policies, the ResNet Acceptable Use Policy, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

Are there any forms to fill out to begin access or to activate ports?
No. Data access is up and running from the day you move in. You may plug in your network cable and configure your network settings to obtain an IP address automatically. You are advised to make sure that your operating system is up to date and virus free before connecting to ResNet.  If your anti-virus software is expired you must remove it and install McAcfee antivirus which is provided for free to UH students:

Can I use my own wireless router or access point?
Yes, but it is important to understand that you will be held responsible for the proper configuration and security of your device. Improperly configured routers that end up violating ResNet policy will result in disciplinary action. You will also be held responsible for all network traffic that passes through any device you connect to our network, so if others are using your connection and violate the ResNet policy, your connection will be revoked and disciplinary procedures initiated. If your wireless signal is interfering with official UH wireless networks found in certain buildings and common areas, you may be asked to remove your router. Please refer to the ResNet Policy for more information.

Where can I use my wireless computer/device?

The University of Hawaii ITS (Information Technology Services) administers the UHM wireless networks in these student housing areas:

  • Frear Hall
  • Gateway House and Cafeteria
  • Johnson Hall
  • Hale Aloha (Lehua, Ilima, Lokelani, Mokihana) and Cafeteria
  • Hale Noelani Lounge
  • Hale Wainani Lounge
  • Hale Laulima
  • Hale Kahawai
  • Hale Anuenue

After connecting to the UHM wireless network you will have to open a web browser and login with your UH username and password.  It is not safe to connect to unknown wireless networks as they belong to other people who may steal your personal information and passwords.

Do I have to sign in on a webpage every time I want to use the wireless?
If you are connecting to a UHM wireless network you may register the MAC address of your computer/device at UH's wireless passthrough registration here:

The passthrough will work for the UHM wireless networks (including upper campus - see UHM wireless network map) for one year. ITS will notify you via email when you need to renew your passthrough.

How do I connect my smart TV, wireless printer, or game console to the UHM wireless network?
Since these devices may not display the log in page required to access the UHM wireless network, you must first register the MAC address of the device with UH's wireless passthrough here:

After registering your device, the log in page is no longer required as your device will be auto-authenticated when it connects to the wireless network.