Cable TV Channels

  • Cable TV Service (6/23/2016)

    As a result of student feedback and analysis of data usage, Student Housing is no longer providing cable television service to our residents. Our current focus is to upgrade the network connectivity within our residential community by increasing the available bandwidth to all residents.

    While we are certain that this change will benefit the majority of our residents, we understand that some residents will be disappointed. Our ResNet support team may be able to assist you with alternative suggestions to watch your favorite programming. They may be contacted by calling 956-6800.

Channel lineup subject to change. (revised 6/2/2016)

Channel Network
2.1 FOX   KHON
2.2 CW
4.1 ABC   KITV
4.2 Me TV
5.1 CBS   KGMB
5.2 This TV
9.1 MNT   KFVE
11.1 PBS   KHET HD
11.2 KHET SD
13.1 NBC   KHNL
13.2 Antenna TV
14.1 IND   KWHE
14.2 KWHE
14.3 WHT
38.1 IND   KALO

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Zip Code: 96822

Residents with Seiki or Westinghouse TVs may encounter problems setting up TVs to pickup the digital channels. It appears these some of these TVs do not have a QAM tuner or will need to have the QAM tuner turned on.

For Westinghouse, see the following page:

For Seiki try the following:

  • click menu
  • click 0,0,0,0, the service menu will open
  • scroll and click others
  • scroll and click other settings
  • scroll down to cable qam - switch it to on
  • go back to your setup menu, choose QAM an rescan for channels.

You may need to contact your TV manufacture for support. If your TV does not have a QAM tuner, you will need to return it or purchase a separate QAM tuner.