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Student Back-Up Service

Hardly a week goes by during the school year without some student losing their term paper, lecture notes or presentation due to computer issues. Now we have the solution! Student Backup is a software application that automatically backs up your files to a secure offsite location every night. You do not need to pre-select files or remember to back up every day. This software does everything for you.

To get more information or order Student Backup Service Click Here!

Residence Hall Linens Program

Regular sheets won't fit our beds - These sheets are guaranteed to fit!

Student Housing Services has found a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have sheets that will fit the extra-long mattresses in our residence halls. The Residence Hall Linens program has all your campus living needs, from extra long twin sheets and comforters to matching towels and storage items. You can order your extra long twin sheets, comforters, matching towels, and storage items directly through Residence Hall Linens program.

Have your order shipped to your home or delivered directly to the campus in time for the fall semester and Mānoa Move-in!

Don't forget- ordering from Residence Hall Linens ensures you have xl twin sheets that fit our extra long beds while supporting the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa's Family Relations programs, sponsored by Student Housing Services.

Place your order now through the Residence Hall Linens website:

Student Personal Property Plan

Protection for theft, fire, water, vandalism and natural disasters!
National Student Services, Inc. The nationwide leader for 36 years ...and counting. Every year college students lose millions of dollars worth of personal property - stereos, cameras, calculators, computers, clothing, books and school supplies, furniture - all kinds of personal items - from theft, fire, water, vandalism and natural disasters. For pennies a day you are protected against financial hardships caused by loss of your property. STUDENT PERSONNAL PROPERTY PLAN is officially recognized at over 1600 colleges and universities in the United States. This plan protects your financial investment in personal property and unconditionally guarantees your satisfaction. Apply Online!