Off-Campus Housing Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a UH username?
If you are currently enrolled at UH or a community college you can obtain a UH username login and password from Keller Hall, Rm. 105. Or to request a login, visit If you are a UH or community college student, but have not yet received your UH username, you may contact our office to verify your acceptance and intent to enroll, but you must have your student ID number which can be found on your acceptance letter.

I can't log on, am I doing something wrong?
Check that you are entering your username and password correctly. If your email address is, then your username is: johndoe. If you are still having problems logging in to our system you can contact us at or call us at 808-956-7356.

When searching for vacant listings, why does it says "No Records Found"?
It could be that you are being too specific in your search. To get back the maximum number of listings, go to general search and mark, Date Listed: Within the last 30 days, and Rental Unit Type: Select All. Hint: The more general your search is, the more listings you will get back.

What is the difference between Submit Roommate Needed and Submit Roommate Available?
Submit Roommate Needed is when you are looking for someone to live with you to fill an empty room in your unit. To search this database you would use the Search Roommate Needed option. Submit Roommate Available is when you are available to be a roommate for someone looking to fill a space in his or her unit. To search this database you would use the Search Roommate Available option.

How do I submit a listing on line?
At the main page of our website, you click on Students, Faulty & Staff, or Landlord Maintenance, where if you already have an account with us you may login and upload new vacant listings. If you do not have a Landlord account with us, follow the link below the login area to "Create New User ID" with us. Once you've created an account login, you can login and submit vacant listings in the menu provided.

How can I find out information about landlord-tenant relations and the local and state laws that apply to renting and subletting space?
There are links on the right hand side of our main homepage that are great resources of fair housing laws and codes, as well as other landlord and tenant information.

What if I have a complaint about my landlord?
OCH does not deal directly with disputes between landlords and students. We do however log all complaints that come into our office and deal with the complaints on a case by case basis. We can provide you with information which may assist you in resolving the complaint.

Why does my listing not show up after I submit it through the website?
All submitted listings come to the office in our queue, to be reviewed and posted to our website before being able to be viewed online. This is a precaution we have in place to protect the content of the referral website, as well as a way to ensure that all the listing information submitted is correct when posted and easily understandable for the students, faculty, and staff searching for accommodations.

I made a change to my listing by editing through the website, why does it still shows the old information?
When you submit your changes, it comes to our office queue for approval before appearing online to the public. Therefore, your changes wait in a queue for our office to approve. If you edit your listing during normal business hours - your changes will appear shortly. If submitted after our posted business hours, your listing information will be approved on the next business day during normal business hours. Your changes will then be visible on your Landlord Maintenance screen. Please submit your changes only once, each time you submit the changes a new submission appears in our queue - but only the last change will be updated in the system.