University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Student Housing & Residential Life Vision, Mission Statement

Student Housing Services

Student Housing Services is an integral part of the educational program and academic support services of the institution. The mission of Student Housing Services includes:

  1. Providing reasonably priced living accommodations that are clean, attractive, well maintained, comfortable, and include safety features.
  2. Ensuring the timely and efficient administration of the program through effective management.
  3. Providing a living-learning environment that promotes responsible citizenship and academic success by offering programs and services that are grounded in human development and student development theory.
  4. Offering a food service program that provides a variety of nutritious and high quality meals, in pleasant surroundings and at a reasonable cost.


Residential Life

Residential Life aspires to provide student-centered living learning communities that will develop and enrich the experiences of our diverse student population.

ResLife Mission - Grounded in our values, Residential Life will create  compelling living environments that cultivate students’ holistic growth through the promotion of personal         responsibility, academic achievement and community engagement.    Recognizing the worth of each resident, we will provide safe and inclusive communities and offer innovative   programs and services that will support student success through a collaboration with residents, campus partners and community stakeholders.

Our values are demonstrated in the way we perform services, maintain our facilities & grounds and develop residential communities.  ALOHA Respect, Compassion, Love  Have the proper attitude & treatment towards one another by allowing a genuine sense of integrity & moral character to dictate our approach to all people.  Show regard for the rights, beliefs & property of one another. (Give respect to others as if we are giving it to ourselves)  MALAMA To care for, to maintain, to attend to  Be diligent in all aspects of our duties and responsibilities as it translates into the charge we have for both the facilities we are assigned to and people we serve; reminding ourselves daily to operate from a place of care.  KULEANA Privilege, Responsibility, Obligation  Seeing our area of responsibility as a privilege & opportunity to cause growth in those we serve as well as ourselves. Recognizing the commitment this privilege demands.   `OHANA Community, Family, Residence Hall  Having a sense of belonging and connection to one another & our place we call home.   PO`OKELA Excellence, Achievements, Outstanding  Put pride, excellence and passion into what we do as stewards of our department.  Being intentional in all ways to support the academic and personal achievements of those we serve as well as ourselves.